Sunday, June 05, 2005

EEEEEK!!! Pretty scaaaary, eh, kids? Yes, the work on ASSASSIN continues...ASSASSIN, of course, being the horror movie video project I've been working on with the youngsters of the Burt Wood School for the Performing Arts in Middleboro, MA, scheduled to premiere this summer after the Burt Wood Summer show (which I'm directing) followed by a second screening at the Herring Run Arts Fest in the Fall. Besides ASSASSIN, I've just finished up my first year of teaching and studenting at U-Mass, along with a slate of various classes, writing projects, wedding planning and season finales (go Woo!)...all of which is my way of explaining why I haven't actually updated this blog in weeks. But stay tuned for a big Baitshop update, coming soon!


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