Saturday, March 21, 2009

Festivus: Days 6-8

More SXSW! Pictured below: Experimental Aircraft at the Carousel Lounge, recently departed but fondly remembered Carousel hostess Stella, Jenny & Emily & Abe at the Carousel, a dog with a big ol' head, Exene Cervenka in action, Banana Man, Andre Williams, more Wavy, Kinky Friedman, ridin' the Jackalope, poker night with a sex-crazed turtle, Scott hunting some big horn sheep, me & Exene...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Festivus: Days 3-5

The SXSW party train rolls on here in beautiful Austin, TX, with stops for St. Patrick's Day, Wavy Gravy, a little psychedelic fuzz rock and a sneak preview of Richard Linklater's new film, Me and Orson Welles , reviewed by Mr. Von Doviak over on the Screengrab, along with My Suicide, Best Worst Movie and New World Order (which has already drawn nasty comments from an ever-growing mob of angry internet libertarian/anarchist conspiracy enthusiasts)!

As for me, I've reviewed Humpday, Beeswax and The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle...and there's more to come!

SXSW guru and Orson Welles director Richard Linklater is pictured at right. Meanwhile, in the photo gallery below: St. Paddy's Day in Austin with the Capitol Street Highlanders, a pair o' cute pooches, Leslie by night, Mark Duplass and Joshua Leonard (stars of Humpday), the sexy keyboard/tambourine girl from The Upsidedown, the lovely songstress Miranda Lee Richards, barbecue, hot dogs and Mr. Gravy walking his pet fish...stay tuned!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

FESTIVUS 2009: Days 1-2

Hoo-baby! It's Festivus time once again, a.k.a. the South-By-Southwest Music, Film & Interactive Festival in grey and drizzly Austin, Texas!

This year, I've actually managed to score myself a press pass as a correspondent (along with my hosts, Scott Von Doviak and Maury the Wonder Chibeagle) for The Screengrab on (although I haven't actually done any official corresponding yet, mainly because there simply hasn't been any time in the SXSW whirlwind thus far).

It's Sunday morning and Scott and me are just rolling out the door for some breakfast tacos at Katz's Deli, but stay tuned for plenty of rock, roll, trolls and mumblecore after a short pause for station identification!

Mmm...breakfast tacos...
Okay, we're, Friday, after a ridiculously busy fortnight of writing, teaching and very special Somerville guest stars (including Heidi, Jody, Janine and U2), I kissed Zuzu and my lovely Polish bride goodbye and cabbed out to Logan Airport, where (for maybe the first time ever), I utilized my Amazing Race skills to snag an earlier-than-ticketed flight to TX on the most excellent wings of JetBlue (while all the poor bastards flying American Airlines were screwed, as usual, judging by an increasingly grim series of terminal announcements).

I was literally up the entire night before my flight (trying to finish up a project), so most of Friday was a blur of booze and exhaustion as Scott and I drifted from the massive Austin Convention Center (for press credentials), down Sixth Street (for booze and, eventually, a delicious, restorative Sergio Leone pizza at Frank & Angies), then out to the Tiniest Bar in Texas for a performance by The Box Spring Hogs, a most excellent Tom Waits cover band whose outdoor performance was, unfortunately, cancelled due to inclement weather. The night ended with a blur of hipsters at the opening night party, where somebody stuck a fake mustache on top of my real mustache (as part of a tie-in with the upcoming SXSW premiere of I Love You, Man).

I was a bit more awake Saturday, when Scott and I hooked up with fellow Screengrabbers Hayden Childs and Leonard Pierce (on special assignment for the Onion) for a screening of Beeswax, a mumblecore "legal thriller" by Boston's own Andrew Bujalski (which I'll review for the Screengrab later today or possibly tomorrow).

After debriefing over cocktails at the swanky Driskill Hotel (a.k.a. the Dressed-To-Kill) and pub grub at the Casino El Camino, we made our way to the Alamo Drafthouse for a screening of Winnebago Man, a film about this guy:

The man (Jack Rebney) and his Winnebago were on hand for the premiere, but they stopped admitting people to the packed house JUST as Scott and me got to the front of the line, so instead we wound up seeing American Prince, a film about this guy, followed by Best Worst Movie, an irresistably charming film about the inexplicable cult success of Troll 2 and an early contender for my Best of 2009 year-end Top Ten list. (Stay tuned for my review of the film here and Scott's review on The Screengrab.)

Anyway, Scott and me are getting ready to head out for another round of screenings, so that's all for now, but stay tuned!

SXSW Celebrity Sightings To Date: Indie maven John Pierson, corpulent geek overlord Harry Knowles, uber-Slacker Richard Linklater, Dazed and Confused star Wiley Wiggins and, according to Scott, Jeffrey "Hey Now!" Tambor, both at the opening night party and later in a men's room at one of the screenings (though I missed him both times). Hey now!

Below: the American Prince (Steven Prince), bar dogs, the Best Worst Movie gang, Sissyboy, my esteemed colleagues and Lesley, the unofficial mayor of Austin...