Wednesday, April 27, 2005


So, I just got back from THE F-WORD premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival (a LONG journey, considering the Greyhound driver had to keep asking passengers to help her find the bus stations along the route) -- the movie itself was very well received in a packed auditorium full of well-wishers and Bush bashers (although, like the RNC protesters themselves, the movie had a lot more complaints about the current administration than actual solutions or strategies for winning back the government). Yours truly wound up with a short cameo in the movie where I mention how it was shameless of the Republicans to stage their convention in a liberal city just to milk the 9/11 imagery of Ground Zero -- shameless, but effective. The rest of my rant (which didn't make it into the film) points out that, like contestants on SURVIVOR, the Left really needs to learn from the Republicans and put aside their emotions and complaints in favor of effective STRATEGY to win the country back into their tree-hugging arms. But does the Left ever listen to me? No, sadly, it does not. Ah, well. As for the rest of the Fest, I didn't really stick around long enough to see much beyond THE POWER OF FEAR, a very interesting British documentary about the creepy philosophical similarities between the neo-conservative movement and bin-Ladens' gang (although, naturally, the neocons are downright cuddly in comparison to the batshit crazy Islamic Jihad). I also went to a loud, bad, overcrowded F-WORD party at the Tribeca Grand with no celebrity sightings except for WARIS (of Team Zissou fame) who has one of the best scenes in Jed's movie. And now, sleep.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

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