Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Greetings from Austin, TX!
Yesterday, I saw my first SXSW movie, STAGEDOOR, about a performing arts camp in upstate New York full of talented young people. While the subject was naturally interesting to me, I also had another surprising connection to the movie, in that one of the camp teachers featured in the documentary was Jeff Murphy, who played Perry (the drag queen who changes into a naked blonde woman) in APOCALYPSE BOP (although, sadly, Jeff wasn't live in person at the screening).
Later, Senator Von Doviak and I got blocked from attending a packed screening of an Asia Argento movie we weren't all that interested in seeing in the first place. So, instead, we strolled down Sixth Street to one of my all-time favorite bars, Casino El Camino, and had our first quasi-celebrity sighting: an MTV camera crew following around some bland blonde chick from the new season of THE REAL WORLD, currently taping in Austin. (In fact, we only knew she was a REAL WORLD character because a white stretch limo full of sugar-high teenagers celebrating a sweet 16 pulled up and wanted her to party with them).
So, now I guess I'll have to watch REAL WORLD: AUSTIN to see if the Senator and I have a cameo! Stay tuned!