Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Oops...actually, I meant to write more, but I accidentally posted instead. I still haven't gotten the hang of this cockamamie thing. Anyway, I was gonna say I'll have a lot more time for posting (and sleeping and Texas Hold'Em and my good friend T.V. and all my other loved ones) after I finish MURDER ON THE MAYFLOWER, an interactive musical dinner theater whodunnit lollapalooza I'm staging at Plimoth Plantation this week for the Pinehills Players...so stay tuned for my long overdue update on the Austin City Limits festival, reports from NYC and, of course, all the latest soup and bisque recipes you've come to expect from the Ol' Bait Shop.

So, okay...it's not exactly a DAILY blog, but at least I update it more often than my website!